God on His Sleepless Nights

God, on his sleepless nights,

to amuse himself in bed

while passing those timeless hours he must spend

getting that beauty rest

he needs to do his best

might distract himself by imagining how his creature, man,

shut up in a tiny head

in a tiny brain,

when confronting five dimensions with diverse planes,

with intersecting lines, and times, and spaces

might have trouble understanding

the universe.

And might, on an off-day curse

Himself, the Creator, maker of all known things

("Goddamn you, God, you arrogant architect!")

for shaping a world no mind can comprehend,

where all things live to die,

and die to live, and feed

on each other's deaths,

while with each breath

praising the wise, the just, the kind, the good,

the hope of brotherhood

and a human, loving God,

and see himself a nothing, a faceless void, a dark


a black-legged spider crawling on the deep--

and frighten himself to sleep.

Copyright 2010-2012 Paul Petrie