River Song

Under the bridge flows the river.

Arching the river, the bridge stands still.

From its railings, three children stare at the water.

The river winds among distant hills.

The children's faces float on the water,

and with the moving current flow.

Though the children on the bridge stand still,

they watch their faces in the moving river

and dream of where those waters go.

Arching the river, the bridge stands still.

Beside it, looms a giant tree,

casting its shadow on bridge and river

and dropping bright leaves on the stream below;

and the children watch the colored leaves

flow off into far-distant hills.

High above the tree, the sky stands still,

watching the leaves, bright children's faces

and its own reflection in the twilight waters

flow off--into the darkening hills.

Copyright 2010-2012 Paul Petrie