The Mutability of Moonlight

I do. I don't. I do.

What lover ever knew

what every lover knows?

The tide comes in and goes.

The moon turns old, turns new.

What's false will soon be true.

To swear an eternal "do"

no wise man ever chose.

I do. I don't. I did. I might. Who knows?

The blue sky turns to snow.

The snow sky turns to blue.

Change is what nature knows.

The beetle loves the rose.

Sunlight loves the dew.

I do. I don't. I might. I would. Suppose--

The body thumbs its nose

when the heart cries out "I do!"

then does what the body does.

In the litany of love

the trick of staying true,

through all time's fleeting vows,

through all love's yes and no's

is always to end "I do!"

Copyright 2010-2012 Paul Petrie