The Sunken Cathedral

Deep in the shimmering gardens of the sea,

stone towers rise,

bearded with kelp and seaweed, stippled with shells

of minute creatures,

and swaying with the deep green swayings of the sea.

Congregations of crab and crayfish scuttle out

from among the pews.

bright shoals of fish swim down the long dark nave--

in their wake, sharp teeth.

(The doors are open to anyone in need.)

Te Deums of fractured sunlight--drifting down

through the colored panes.

Black masses of distant thunder. Far-off winds

whispering in the choir.

Crouched in its dim, green cloisters the cathedral waits.

Hushed bells in the towers wait, their huge bronze clappers

gathering speech,

for that soon-to-be-witnessed day when those massive towers

will rise, those great bells toll--

and rising, tolling crack the gold-faced sun.

Copyright 2010-2012 Paul Petrie